A Little More Fusing!

I’m still enjoying the fusing work we have been doing recently.  We have just designed and donated a fused wall hanging to our local Village Hall to commerate it’s Centenary, but I rather stupidly forgot to photograph it before we gave it to the committee!  I will try to get a picture at some point, though.

Since then, I have also been experimenting with fused pendants and trinket dishes.  The following three have just been added to my Etsy shop.

This is a fused dish made by fusing a streaky red glass that has been topped with clear and then slumped into this lovely 15cm dish.

streaky red dish

There are also two fused pendants.  This one in a purple ripple dichroic glass topped with clear and fused:

purple_green pendant

Finally a pendant using dichroic copper and cyan glass that has been topped with clear and fused:

cyan_copper pendant 2

I am pleased with how the fusing is coming along and am really enjoying it.  I have a few other ideas to have a go at, so there will be more to show once I have had time to experiment further!

I hope everybody has a good week.

J xx



As the girls were off for half term, we took the opportunity to have a couple of days around Ironbridge.  We didn’t have nearly enough time, there are lots of places to visit and things to do!  Being fascinated by the Victorian era, I did like the Victorian Village at Blists Hill.  There were lots of buildings and replica workshops to see and a few mock shops, like a Grocers, Post Office and Pharmacy.  Here is the Grocers:

Victorian Grocers

The following day we visited the Coalport Museum.

Coalport MuseumSuch beautiful pieces.  The piece right at the front is a commerative piece for Queen Elizabeth II and the piece to the left on the pedestal is a commerative piece for Queen Victoria.

There are also a number of other artists with workshops on site too.  As you might imagine, I particularly enjoyed watching the glassblowers!

Telford iphone 095

After the vessels are made, they are beautifully engraved.  There were some stunning pieces, but well out of my price range!

Telford iphone 117

There is also a drop-in workshop here to either make something in clay or to paint ready made bits.  The girls spend a short while here!

Later, we went down the road to the Jackfield Tile Museum.  To the girls dismay, we missed the drop-in workshop, but we did have a good look around the museum where there were lots of tiles on display as well as a few mock scenes, such as an underground station:

Jackfield UndergroundI also liked the mock Butcher’s shop:

Jackfield Butchers

There are a couple more photos on my FlickR here

We did purchase a yearly ticket that gives entry into the 10 Museums of the Gorge, so we do hope to make a return visit at some point and maybe get to some of those we missed.  If you are looking for a weekend away with some historical interest where there are things for the children to do too, I would certainly recommend Ironbridge.

Now I am back, I am preparing for the Eastwood Park Centenary Celebrations and Gala Day.  We have a stall here, so I will be busy digging out beads and may try and take a couple of my recent fusing items with me too.  I will blog about my recent fusing pieces soon!

J xx



Flame Off, Florals & Fusing!!

It’s been a busy time again, recently.  Firstly there was Flame Off.  It’s an annual get together, organised by Tuffnell Glass, of all things to do with glass beads.  They did a fantastic job of organising lots of beady people, suppliers and demonstrators getting together for a weekend of fun, catchups and workshops and it’s just great!  This year I took the opportunity of doing a workshop with the lovely Leah Fairbanks, who was showing us her techniques for making her beautiful floral beads.  I enjoyed every minute of it!

Here is Leah showing us a bead she had been demonstrating

Leah Demonstrating

Since then, I have had a little go at practising the techniques.  Here are a couple of my first attempts (though the photo isn’t the best), but I was quite pleased with the results.  I need more PPP (practise, practise, practise!), though!

First Attempts At Florals

The other thing I have been experimenting with is a little fusing.  I have armed myself with some Bullseye sheet and been trying one or two bits.  This is our first attempt, mine is the one in the bottom right, the top one is upside down by my eldest and the one at the bottom on the left is my youngest (to celebrate our Cat’s first birthday in a week or so!!)

First Attempts At FusingI was pleased with these, having never tried this before and have since been playing around with sheet thickness and kiln schedules to try and see what works.  So there may be more on this later!

I should also mention that I am closing the shop for a few days now for a little break.  It will re-open in a few weeks.

Before I go, here’s a little photo of the birthday boy..!!

Leo On The Stairs

J xx


Roll On Spring..!!

I hope 2013 is going well for you!  March already and I don’t know about you, but I am getting fed up with the cold and what seems like the ever present threat of snow – or, at least, snow flurries!  Fortunately it hasn’t resulted in too many days that my children have missed school, but nevertheless, I look forward to warmer days now.

We had a nice week off during half-term and took the opportunity to get some well needed fresh air for the two days where the weather was nice (though extremely cold!).  Since then, though, it’s been the usual round of things to do, school appointments, theatre rehearsals and other such entertainment!  But I did, finally, manage to get a few beads listed in my webshop, along with a couple of small vessels too.  So I will give you a little taster now.

Firstly one of the vessels.  This is Viola and these do look rather nice on a chain or a piece of cord as a rather different pendant.


Then I have quite a few bead sets, but I will give you a taster of two recent sets.  Firstly Spring Flowers with small white flowers with a hint of pink (though this isn’t easy to see on the photo) and compliments with some black disk spacers, which is new to me as I haven’t made these before!

Spring Flowers

And Cappuccino, inspired by an abstract art piece I found when searching google!


Lastly, a focal that was really a result of a happy accident!  This wasn’t the original plan, but I quite like it!  It is 48mm long, too, so would make a nice long focal for a necklace.


And I just have to finish with a photo of the wee chap….!!

Leo 2

J xx


Happy New Year 2013!


I bet you are wondering where I have been – I’m wondering where I have been!  Time has flown past and it’s now been a while since I have checked in.

So I hope everybody has had a nice holiday and is now looking forward to the New Year with anticipation!  It seems the impending New Year has given me a little kick start to get a few new beads up for sale.  So there are a few new big hole beads and some new focal beads in my online shop and also a few new big hole bead trios in my Etsy shop.  So, new beads and a New Year must mean……


Yay! For 20% off anything in my Etsy shop, hop over and then enter the code ‘Happy2013′ in the coupon code box and you will automatically get the discount.  For 20% off anything in my online shop, please order as usual and then I will refund you 20% of the total back through PayPal.  The Sale is on until midnight Sat 12th Jan 2013.

To give you a little taster:

Flavius: Flavius - Focal


Sophia: SophiaAnd Juicy Fruits from my Etsy Shop: Juicy Fruits

So please pop by and have a look!

To finish off, a little snap of the newest member of our family: Leo Dec12I think he’s got it about right!

That just leaves me time to wish you a happy New Year and all the best for 2013!

J xx



Beaujolaisartglass Back Open For Business!


After a lovely, relaxing, short break to France, the shop is now back open for business!  Likewise my Etsy store.

I have also managed to snatch a couple of hours at the torch again today, though I can’t say I have a lot to show for it, but it’s all good practise!  I’m hoping to add a few focals to my shop in the near future, so do look out for those.  I will give you a heads up once there is something there.

This week it’s back to school for some.  We’ve had a busy time shopping and generally trying to get things ready for the big day this week!

Anyway, I hope you all have a good week, whatever you may be doing.

J xx



Beaujolaisartglass Shop Now Open!

It’s taken a while, but the website has finally been updated with an online shop.  Currently there are only some uncored big hole beads, but soon we hope to add more big hole beads as well as a few other glassy goodies, too!

At the moment we are stocking the big hole beads singularly, so that you can mix and match with your other beads and we are offering 1 bead free with every 3 purchased, too!  So why not grab a bargain?!!

We are also planning to offer an option to core the beads with sterling silver.  This hasn’t been set up yet, but if this is something you are interested in, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

So please hop over to the shop and see what you think, but here is a taster:




Hope you have a lovely week (despite this awful weather)!





A quick update to show you my recent entry into the GBUK Bead Competition,

Here’s “Fishbowl”

I was quite pleased with him, though he didn’t win any prizes!

Unfortunately I missed the judging, which was done at Flame Off, but I have seen pictures of the winners and there were some fabulous entries, that’s for sure, so well done to everybody.  More information is available on the GBUK website.

I’m not sure I would want to try and judge!

J xx